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In a class of its own, the Marini’s Group redefines dining standards
Posted Tuesday, 11/04/2017 at 2:59 AM
In a class of its own, the Marini’s Group redefines dining standards

Cavaliere Modesto Marini has been gracing the KL dining scene with exemplary establishments for over 20 years. His recent contributions are typical of his style – authentic, no-thought-no expense-spared offerings that make loyal patrons out of casual walk-ins.

Cavaliere Modesto Marini and Italian Ambassador Mario Sammartino at the grand launch of Modi & Rosa Italian Dining & Wine Bar

Marini’s on 57

Transparent walls and ceiling that afford romantic views of the KL skyline and its two beloved stars, the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. If that’s not enough incentive to visit the city’s highest rooftop bar, Italian restaurant and whisky and cigar lounge, the uniquely Marini’s experience is.

Surrendering to the lounge’s vintage Italian, leather-perfumed confines is all too easy as you offer up premium liquor and cigars to your lips. The restaurant prepares fine Italian cuisine to your exacting standards, and the attractive plating of dishes, fetching décor and stunning vistas join forces to grant you pure visual indulgence. With signature cocktails, lively beats and a gorgeous backdrop, the rooftop bar allows for unlidded after-dinner fun.

Marble 8

The beef at Marble 8 is among the finest you’ll have in the city, as cutting-edge facilities to store, process and prepare the meat means that the steak which reaches the table is blessed with all the traits it needs to excite the senses.

Such a level of quality begins with the raw ingredient itself. The Australian beef’s arrival at Marble 8 is met with a layover in curing chambers, such as the dry-age room, where the finest Wagyu and Angus mature into ultra succulent cuts before being immaculately cooked.

A landmark on Jalan Binjai since 2014, the restaurant is in the midst of relocating to a floor below Marini’s. When it reopens, expect magnificent city perspectives to accompany your superb meals.

Modi & Rosa

Since opening in early 2017, this restaurant and wine bar has thrived at Glo Damansara Mall. Modi & Rosa is a place for the famiglia, a representation of an Italian home with the deliciously wholesome food, treatment and atmosphere.

Guests are free to choose between al fresco, dining or bar seating. Being an importer of the beverage, wine is this place’s forte; the significant collection of vintages line the bar walls like three-dimensional wallpaper.

Exquisite experiences like these are why KL diners eagerly await what the Marini’s Group comes up with next. In the meantime, these three venues are taking reservations.

Marini’s on 57
WHERE Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas, Kuala Lumpur
WHEN 5pm-1.30am
RESERVATIONS 03 2386 6030

Marble 8
WHERE Level 56, Menara 3 Petronas, Kuala Lumpur
WHEN 12pm-2.30pm; 7pm-11pm
RESERVATIONS 03 2386 6030

Modi & Rosa Italian Dining & Wine Bar
WHERE Lot LG 06-07, Glo Damansara Mall, Kuala Lumpur
WHEN 10am-12am
RESERVATIONS 03 7733 1719

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