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It's comedy acts the whole month long!
Posted Friday, 07/04/2017 at 2:19 AM
It's comedy acts the whole month long!

If you love live comedy shows, you’re in luck. Thanks to the LOL Fest and Phua Chu Kang and Friends Comedy Show, the best of the best in regional comedy have been assembled to entertain you with their hilarious stage antics this month!

Phoon Chi Ho

LOL Fest

The return of LOL Fest, dubbed as KL’s craziest comedy festival, has been highly anticipated after its massive success last year. Although only in its second iteration, its organisers have pushed the envelope of comedy by introducing no less than 50 international comedians in the line-up!

If that isn’t a clear indicator of the scale of this event, then a look at some of the highly acclaimed stars slated to perform might be. The list of headliners may be short, but it certainly is sweet – Kumar from Singapore, Japanese duo Gamarjobat and Malaysia’s own Joanne Kam. Their shows will be interspersed with others by up-and-coming humourists for an overall event that is bound to coax the last bits of laughter from audiences.


Also to be noted is the diversity of performances. It’s not all stand-up routines, as the fest includes improv, vaudevillian silent comedy, and other specialised segments as well. For instance, there is a six-hour non-stop Laugh-a-thon, an eating competition among heavyweight comedians called Bite Me! and a superhero roast skit. LOL Events holds the full list and schedule of the shows. Pick your favourites and prepare to be tickled pink!

Improve Battle

Phua Chu Kang and Friends

“PCK Pte Ltd. Best in Singapore, JB, and some say Batam.” There is no mistaking who this line belongs to! Phua Chu Kang, the quirky but lovable Singaporean contractor is a genius of comedy, with a vast following that spans multiple generations – who simply can’t get enough of the yellow-booted, wacky-haired celebrity with a prominent mole on his cheek.

These fans are in for a treat, as the man himself is making a special appearance in KL on 7 April for a night of unsuppressed guffawing! When the talented Gurmit Singh brings this colourful character to life, expect uproarious banter, priceless punchlines, hilarious expressions and many more laugh-inducing moments.

LOL Fest
WHERE klpac, HGH Convention Centre, LOL @Live House
WHEN 24 March-15 April
TEL 03 6205 5350

Phua Chu Kang and Friends Comedy Show
WHERE HGH Convention Centre
WHEN 7pm (7 April)

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