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Essential Tips For Travelers

GETTING AROUND: The easiest way to get around is to cab it but make sure that the cab driver has the meter on. As traffic is heavy in KL especially during rush hour, it's faster, cheaper and less stressful to use the monorail or the LRT (light railway transit).

SHOPPING: Besides all the major department stores and malls, KL also has numerous lively markets for bargain hunters. Check out Chinatown at Petaling Street, Amcorp Mall for the weekend flea market and the various night markets held all over the city on different nights. Whatever the price quoted, be sure you use your bargaining skills to knock it down.

SAFETY: Malaysia is a safe country. However, as in anywhere, travellers should watch out for pickpockets and snatch thieves. In case of any emergency, call the police on 999.

PUBLIC BEHAVIOUR: Malaysia is a majority Muslim nation so dress modestly, especially when visiting places of worship. Similarly, Malaysians are often reserved in terms of public displays of affection.

HEALTH: Generally it is safe to drink tap water, but it's advised to buy bottled.

TIPPING: Tipping is optional, whether in a hotel, taxi or elsewhere, while most restaurants already have service taxes included in their bills.

DRUG TRAFFICKING: Malaysia has very strict drug laws. Drug trafficking is an offence which carries a mandatory death penalty.

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